Maoists planning to build urban backup

Dec 9 2010

KOLKATA: After the mining belt of eastern and central India, Maoists are now desperate to spread their organisation to northeastern states. At the same time, the Red brigade is also trying to build an urban backup force with Kolkata as the centre.

Following the arrest of CPI(Maoist)’s Bengal state secretary Sudip Chongdar alias Kanchan and three other top leaders, STF officers recovered documents which revealed that the Maoists have more than 200 primary members in and around the city and have hundreds of sympathisers. Students, labourers from unorganised sector are their main target and they are working hard to set up a solid urban base to get shelter and logistic support.

STF officers said the Maoists have a four-member city committee which is in charge of urban organisation. Police have also recovered several important CDs related to urban warfare plan of the Red brigade.

STF chief Rajeev Kumar confirmed that the documents seized from the arrested Maoist leaders indicate that the consignment of the communication devices was procured for Chhattisgarh.

STF officers said the Red brigade was trying to develop the radio-controlled IED and already they have tested some such IEDs in Jharkhand which did not work properly. “So they were trying to develop the technique,” said an STF officer. The investigators also said that two senior central committee members of the outfit are in charge of the technical cell. “They are also getting help from some city-based students,” said an officer.

The Maoists are very much focused on NE to spread their tentacles there. They have posted one of their politburo member in charge of NE, who is known as Deepak and working from Upper Assam. They are now trying to mobilise tea garden workers and peasants. Another senior politburo leader, Prasanta Bose, is in charge of maintaining liaison with the NE-based militant outfits.

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