We do not support the bandh: UNLF

Imphal, December 07 2010: In a press release, UNLF categorically stated that the group does not support the 48 hours bandh called by KCP (Malemnganba) questioning how the bandh would benefit the liberation movement and how it would help the people who are the force behind the movement.

It may be mentioned that KCP (Malemnganba) called the 48 hours bandh protesting the allegation made by the government of India that UNLF Chairman Sanayaima@ Meghen was arrested from Bihar while he was actually arrested from Bangladesh.

The UNLF has made it known that the party will not support the bandh.

In the press statement signed by UNLF’s senior publicity officer Ksh Yoiheiba, the party asked how the proposed bandh would contribute positively to the ongoing liberation movement for the people of Manipur from the colonial rule of India.

It further said that the bandh would not only adversely affect the economy of the land but will also hit hard those who live on daily wages.

It will be tantamount to usurping their right to livelihood.

The statement further said that if the group calling the bandh believe in the thinking that people are the backbone of a liberation movement, it would be right to cancel the proposed bandh.

Calling off the bandh would be in the interest of the people.

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