Workers strike continues at Orascom steel factory

07 Dec

A worker’s sit in at a leading steel factory hits its 11th day as a management deal with the Egyptian government fails to appease workers

Plans are underway to relocate workers to this factory on the Cairo Alexandria desert road. A deal was signed between the management of Orascom Construction and Industries and representatives of the ministry of manpower last December 2 has failed to satisfy workers who entered their 11th day of a sit in today.

The deal which confirmed the rights of workers at OCI’s Steel Fabrications Factory to maintain their current jobs with present benefits was declared unsatisfactory. The factory had announced it would relocate workers to other OCI plants as part of a move to vacate the high rent facility. About 10% of the factory’s 720 workers unskilled labour would be dismissed as part of this move.

Workers at the factory have requested to have profit distribution benefits in line with those at other OCI plants, which Hamalawy said is not possible.

The workers held another meeting with a representative of the ministry of manpower. No announcements were made on any decisions reached.

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