Students take to streets in the capital against hike in fuel prices

07 December
Students demonstrating against Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC)’s decision to hike the prices of petroleum products clashed with riot police in the capital Tuesday morning.

The students from Pashupati Campus demonstrated against the decision to hike the price of petroleum products and cooking gas in Mitrapark, Chabahil, Gaushala and surrounding areas. Chanting slogans against the government and NOC, they demanded that the decision to hike fuel prices be immediately withdrawn.

In the course of their protests, the students also vandalized and then set ablaze a government vehicle with license no Ba 1 Jha 341 at Mitrapark, sparking a tense situation to control which riot police immediately swung into action.

In the ensuing clash, the riot police had to resort to force to disperse the crowd. The traffic in Chabahil and Gaushala area was badly affected for some time because of the incident.

The NOC had announced hike in the prices of petroleum products on Monday, citing its rising costs because of the transportation tax imposed by the government as well as the soaring price of crude oil in the international market.

As per the NOC’s announcement, Rs. 75 has been hiked in per cylinder of cooking gas while Rs 3 has been added to the price of diesel and petrol. Now the cooking gas will cost Rs 1325, petrol Rs 88 and diesel will cost Rs 68.

However, critics say that NOC should check rampant corruption that has virtually got the state-run monopoly in petroleum products’ supply into deep debt instead of unilaterally hiking the fuel prices to trigger inflaction in the country and cause untold financial burden on the consumers.

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