Nigeria militants claim to attack pipeline

Dec 6

LAGOS (AFP) – Nigerian militants on Monday claimed responsibility for an attack on a pipeline in the country’s main oil-producing region, but authorities had not confirmed the information.

“NDLF soldiers have struck the major pipeline belonging to the Nigerian National Petroleum Company near Batan flow (station) in Delta State last Sunday night at about 11:30 pm, 5th December, 2011,” a statement said.

The Niger Delta Liberation Force is a militant faction believed to be run by John Togo, who the military has been pursuing in the Niger Delta, the country’s main oil-producing region.

The military carried out raids last week in pursuit of Togo. There have been unverified claims of scores of people killed in the operation.

Spokesmen for the military and the state petroleum company said they had no information on the alleged pipeline attack.

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