Senior Shining Path rebel caught, Peruvian police say

Agence France-Presse November 30, 2010

An alleged leftist guerrilla commander accused in t he killings of 31 people was captured early Tuesday by Peru’s anti-terrorist police, the general in charge of the unit said Monday.

The suspect was identified as Jonel John Carmen Maxi, 27, who was said to be a senior member of the Shining Path guerrilla group in the central province of Huanuco.

He was accused of taking part in attacks on police patrols and peasant communities, including a 2005 ambush in Huanuco that killed eight police officers.

“This terrorist is responsible for the death of 31 people,” said Gen. Edwin Palomino, the head of Peru’s counter-terrorism office.

Carmen Maxi, known by the alias Camarada Ivan, was captured early Monday in northern Lima as he was gathering supplies to send to the Upper Huallaga Valley, Palomino said.

Shining Path was largely crushed by the mid-1990s, but remnants of the Maoist-inspired group are still active in the Upper Huallaga Valley and in the jungles of southeastern Peru.

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