Sainik students revolt, go on the rampage

Imphal, November 26 2010: In a rare case of letting their emotions get the better of their rational thinking, students of Sainik School, Imphal rose as one against the school authority and staged a protest demonstration within the school campus today.

The students riased their voice of dissent to protest the decision of the school to expel a student and the alleged harsh rules and regulations imposed by the newly posted Registrar Trouble started brewing from last night itself with the students creating an uproar.

Information received from the school campus said that the uproar was sparked by the school authority’s decision to expel a student from Arunachal Pradesh.

Students leaving the school with their bedrolls and a crowd gathers for reasons unknown

The school authority reportedly asked the student to call his parents on the next day itself.

On learning about this instruction, students learning between class VIII and XII assembled together at around 8.30 last night.

Soon, they went on a rampage damaging street lamps, official quarters of the Registrar, cars and motorcycles within the school campus.

They even attacked one Hostel Superintendent named Raju.

The ruckus was brought under control only after a team of Imphal East District Police arrived at the scene and opened a few round of shots in the air.

The students continued their agitation this morning too.

The students said that new rules and regulations imposed by the newly posted officers are nothing but inflicting mental harassments besides affecting academic pursuit.

To their complaints, the Principal only said that they (students) have no right to lodge complaint with the school authority and that they must either follow the rules or leave the school.

Instead of advising the students, the school authorities were only trying to expel students at the slightest pretext, said the students.

The Principal even accused the students of having links with ‘external elements’, said the students.

They demanded transfer of Principal Col Rabikumar and Registrar Maj Anand Thoudam from the school.

In view of the students’ uprising, the school authority has declared winter vacation from today till January 7 next year.

However, according to the annual school calendar, winter vacation should commence from December 15 .

Even as media persons tried to contact the school authority to get more details about the incident, the media persons were denied any such opportunity.

The prestigious school run by the Army has around 6000 students at present.

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