Anti riot police deployed at Nkumba University

Anti riot police is heavily deployed at Nkumba University where students are demonstrating in protest against the decision by university management to bar them from sitting for examinations.

The over 1500 students have been turned away from the examination halls due to non payment of tuition fees.

The group had been registered by the Entebbe Municipality deputy town clerk Ammon Muzoora for various courses and their tuition fees were meant to be paid by the municipal council.

However, according to the university’s academic registrar Wilson Mande, no payment or communication has ever been made to that effect from the council.

The Entebbe DPC Godfrey Kayebwa’s pleas to the students to call off the demonstration have fallen of deaf ears.

Meanwhile the university registrar has promised to organize supplementary papers for the students once all payments are made by the municipal council.

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