Clashes break out at Greek marches, 200 arrested

Nov 17

Greek police fired tear gas and arrested 200 people after clashes broke out at a march to honor a 1973 anti-junta student revolt in Athens.

The march began late in the afternoon on Tuesday at the Athens Polytechnic, where at least 44 people were killed in the 1973 student uprising.

Around 6,500 police were deployed across Athens for the annual march to the US embassy, which is often marred by clashes between anarchists and riot police.

Students and adolescents were among the tens of thousands marching across the Greek capital, criticizing capitalism and NATO and calling for the legalization of undocumented migrants.

Uniformed soldiers and sailors from the Greek military trade union marched behind a banner which read: “No soldiers beyond our borders. Dissolve NATO.”

The protestors also called for the withdrawal of all US troops from Greece and the dismissal of certain police personnel, calling them traitors, murderers, and torturers.

Three police officers were injured in the clashes.

Another demonstration in Greece’s second city Thessaloniki also produced clashes between youths and riot police, while rival student groups clashed at the city’s Aristotelio University before the march even began.

The student wing of the conservative New Democracy party said 10 of its members were hospitalized with bruises after being attacked by leftists.

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