Immigration Sweep Closes TC Restaurant


Federal immigration officials conducted a sweep in Traverse City and Cadillac Tuesday afternoon.

Officials arrested seven people in Traverse City Tuesday. Three were men, handcuffed and taken from Agave Mexican Grill at about 5 p.m. Two other men and two women were taken from local homes and sent to a jail in Sault Ste. Marie.

An official from the Diocese of Gaylord says some people were also arrested in Cadillac, but she doesn’t know how many.

The federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, or ICE, has not responded to calls.

Cory Schichtel, of Kingsley, was in the back of the restaurant Agave when about six officers in riot gear entered.

“They had pistols and we saw one with the rifle and they had the bullet-proof vests on,” Schichtel says.

Shortly after the arrests, a man came in and closed the restaurant, Schichtel says.

Agave remained closed for business on Wednesday.

A man who claimed to be a manager, but would not give his full name, said the closing was due to mechanical problems in the kitchen.

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