Haiti – Social : Beginning of riot in Kenscoff


  Haiti - Social : Beginning of riot in Kenscoff
A police officer opened fire yesterday on a motorcycle taxi that refused to stop at a routine check in Kenscoff, injuring the rider and doing, according to witnesses, others wounded among the population. Furious, the residents threw stones at police and erected burning barricades, threatening to burn down the police station where the police officer, author of the shootings, had taken refuge under the protection of his colleagues. This incident comes as the Haitian National Police HNP) reinforces its actions against certain motorcyclists suspected of criminal acts in the area.

Very angry, the people tried in vain to invest the police station. Before their defeat, residents burned the 4X4 vehicle of the Police Commissioner, and smashed the windshields of several vehicles, paralyzing traffic for several hours.

Reinforcements were dispatched to the scene to lift the siege of the police and restore order. Calm returned late in the afternoon but the tension remained high. Police have made no arrests, the health condition of the motorcyclist transported to the hospital was not communicated.

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