Service delivery protest hits East London

Nov 11

 FILE: Burning tyres

“They blocked the Ziphunzane bypass with branches, trees, burning tyres, cement blocks… and then they started throwing stones and things at us (the police),” said Captain Stephen Marais.

“We responded by firing rubber bullets… no arrests have been made and as far as we know no one was hurt.”

The protest by Duncan Village residents began at about 4am on Thursday morning and by 9am the police confirmed that the road had been re-opened and the protest had been stopped.

The residents were angry about a housing crisis, Marais said.

“It’s quiet there now but police are still on the scene monitoring the situation.

“We have opened a case of public violence against the residents for attacking the police and we want the public to know that we will not hesitate to use minimum force when we are attacked”, Marais said.

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