Police killings in St James sparks fiery protest

GARLANDS, St James — The controversial police killings of two farmers in this normally quiet farming community Monday evening sparked a massive demonstration in the community yesterday.

The deceased have been identified as Anthony Miller, otherwise called ‘I Roy’, and 18-year-old Orane Wallace ,also called ‘Tobacco’ — both of Garlands.

The placard-waving protesters mounted several fiery roadblocks in the community, cutting off vehicular traffic from the commercial hub of Montego Bay and farming communities in St Elizabeth.

The irate residents alleged that at about 5:00 pm Monday, the two were among a group that had just participated in a grave-digging in the community when they were approached by a group of plain-clothed, mask-wearing police officers who were travelling in a taxi.

According to the residents, the men — who were smoking marijuana cigarettes when the police officers arrived — ran but was later apprehended by the police and shot in cold blood.

“Through them a burn him little spliff (ganja cigar) and them (deceased) run. But the police them wait until them come back and shoot them, kill them and put them inna car back,” one protester told the Observer yesterday.

The parents of the two deceased — described as jovial — were among the throng of protesters marching the streets of the community, nestled in the hills of southern St James.

A distraught Leroy Miller alleged that ever since his son was freed of charges of illegal possession of firearm and ammunition earlier this year, he had been targeted by the police.

“A long time the police a threaten him and a warn him that they are going to kill him because they don’t like him,” the grieving father alleged. ” Through him inna a little mix-up with some man already… from him come back everything happen in the area them (police) say a him. All when him don’t do anything them say a him.”

Meanwhile, the Bureau of Special Investigations (BSI) has since commenced a probe into the incident.

According to a release from the Constabulary Communication Network, a Glock semi-automatic pistol with serial number NS729US, a home-made handgun, 12 9-mm cartridges and two 12-gauge cartridges were seized during the incident.

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