Cyprus minister attacked after airline closure

Employees of Eurocypria attacked Finance Minister Charilaos Stavrakis both verbally and physically, accusing him of being responsible for the closing down of the airline.
They shouted abuse at him and pushed him about before police moved in to flank him and lead him inside the safety of Parliament.
The attack on the Minister came when he arrived at the parliament building to brief two parliamentary committees on his decision to close down Eurocypria, a chartered flights company owned by the government.
Several hundred redundant employees gathered outside Parliament to protest the closure of the company, which has cost over 300 people their jobs, including pilots and cabin crew members.
Eurocypria will officially be closed down on November 13, but it has already stopped flying after its employees went on a strike and the pilots refused to fly its planes at the beginning of the month.
After the attack on the Minister, a group representing the employees met him inside Parliament and apologised for the rudeness shown towards him.
Stavrakis told them he could understand their bitterness and “unjustified” angry reaction but noted that this was not the way to solve problems and look to the

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