Man dies after police Taser him in his own home

A man has died after being Tasered by police officers he called out over complaints about his noisy neighbours.

When officers arrived at the home in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Robert Neill, 61, became ‘aggressive and combative’.

He was Tasered initially when he made a move towards one officer, according to police.

Then they Tasered Neill again and sprayed him with Mace after he continued to struggle and fight when they tried to arrest him.

His breathing and pulse slowed and he died on way to hospital.

The incident happened at around 4am Saturday in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania.

Verbal attempts to calm Neill only served to ‘enrage’ him, according to the police report.

Paramedics tried CPR to revive him, but he died on arrival at Lancaster General Hospital.

‘Police officers acted appropriately and used the proper amount of force to subdue Mr Neill,’ said Lt William White, of Pennsylvania State Police.

An autopsy will be carried out on Monday to determine the exact cause of death.

The Lancaster County district attorney’s office cleared New Holland police officers after a similar incident in April 2006, when 45-year-old Curtis Lee Smith died after being shocked twice with a stun gun during a struggle with police.

An autopsy on Smith determined that he died from a cocaine overdose, not the effects of the Taser.

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