Dozens injured in southwestern China riot

HONG KONG: A mass riot in southwestern China left dozens injured after angry villagers took to the streets in protest against a road construction project, Hong Kong media reported on Thursday.

Hundreds of villagers in southern Yunnan province clashed with police and construction workers during the riot in Zhaotong City on Tuesday, Hong Kong broadcaster RTHK said.

Hong Kong cable television on Thursday showed footage of the villagers armed with shovels and sticks overturning vehicles, including police cars, and smashing car windshields before setting them on fire.

The riot left more than 20 people injured and 48 cars destroyed, RTHK said, adding that the villagers were unhappy with the amount of compensation they had received for government-acquired land used in the project.

The broadcaster quoted Zhaotong City authorities as saying a special team had been mobilised to handle the matter, which they said was under control.
Agence France-Presse

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