Workers go on strike in Irbid factory over work conditions


AMMONNEWS – Hisham Awartani – Over 150 workers employed in a textile factory in Al Hassan Industrial City in Irbid, northern Jordan, went on strike for the second day in a row in protest of unfair work conditions.

President of the Textile Syndicate, Fathallah Umrani said that the majority of workers are from Bangladesh, and others are from Sri Lanka.

The workers informed the factory administration of their protest over changing working hours, but the factory manager ignored their demands, Umrani said.

Umrani added that the workers contacted the syndicate and expressed their demands, which are ‘legitimate and in accordance with Jordanian labor laws,’ he noted.

Their demands include their protest over working 16 hours a day, to stop deducting JD 10 from their salaries for food, returning their passports, annual vacation time, availability of hot water in their residences, and methods of food preparation.

The workers also demanded that their salaries be dispensed within seven days of pay dates, providing over-time pay, providing medical records and allowing sick leave and paying for medical treatment.

The workers complained of mental and psychological pressures imposed on them when they do not meet the production target.

Umrani said that the syndicate met with the factory owner, who is from Bangladesh as well, but noted that the owner is not prepared to meet the workers’ demands.

He added that the owner refused to sign an agreement to guarantee labor rights.

The workers remain on strike, Umrani said, noting that the owner has committed legal violations and violated international conventions ratified by Jordan.

“The factory owner does not abide by labor laws in regards to maximum working hours and minimum wages,” Umrani stressed, noting that he asked the Ministry of Labor to intervene to resolve the case.

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