Italy: after the parcel-bombs, intensified the security measures on air transport and airplanes

(WAPA) – The Italian Interior minister, Roberto Maroni, in these days in Tel Aviv, Israel, for the first international security conference, said that the control measures in the Italian airports have been intensified. The decision comes after thirteen parcel-bombs have been sent from Greece to several embassies in Athens (Germany, Russia, Chile, Bulgaria, Switzerland), and to Europol, the European Court of Justice and the Chancellor Angela Merkel (see AVIONEWS).

Yesterday another case like these happened: after the discovery, on a cargo flight Athens/Paris, a package containing explosives sent to the president Silvio Berlusconi, an aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing in Bologna (Italy). The Sab, management society of the Bologna airport, told AVIONEWS that the airport was closed to the air traffic last night from 10:15 pm to 1:50 am; only two flights were cancelled, while others -temporarily re-routed to other airports- were later reported to Bologna.

The City’s Prosecutor has opened an investigation against unknown people assumed to be guilty of the crime of “Introduction in the State territory of explosive materials and of attack, with purposes of terrorism and subversion”. Local and Greek polices are currently working closely for any updates on the case, it seems that might be involved in terrorist operations exponents of the Greek anarchist movement.

After the yesterday’s facts, however, the Hellenic State has decided to suspend for 24 hours the mailing of all the packages by air.

Waiting for the summit to be held next Monday in Brussels, where the European interior ministers will debate on the issues related to security, control measures in the Italian airports have been increased.

“I heard the chief of police Antonio Manganelli and the Enac’s president, Vito Riggio, and we decided to intensify the airport checks”, said the interior minister Roberto Maroni. “It has not been adopted any restrictions on flights from risk countries such as Yemen. We will see if we will have to, in the future”.

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