German anti-nuclear activists disrupt Berlin trains

BERLIN Nov 2 (Reuters) – German anti-nuclear activists on Tuesday took responsibility for setting a small fire in a Berlin rail station during rush hour that caused widespread disruption to commuters throughout the capital.

Monday’s attack on a power cable in an S-Bahn rail station came just days before many thousands of anti-nuclear activists are expected to protest on Nov. 5-8 against the transport of nuclear waste to a dump in the northern town of Gorleben.

German media reported that responsibility had been claimed by a group called itself “Commando Sebastien Briard” — named after a French anti-nuclear activist killed while trying to stop an earlier nuclear waste transport to Germany in 2004.

Germany gets about 23 percent of its energy from nuclear power but the public remains wary of it and opinion polls show most oppose the government’s plans to extend the lifespan of its nuclear power stations.

Chancellor Angela Merkel decided this year to extend their operating life by an average of 12 years, going back on a commitment by her centre-left predecessor Gerhard Schroeder to phase out the nuclear sites.

Tens of thousands of riot police will be escorting the nuclear waste convoy across Germany to the Gorleben dump.

Nuclear waste shipments to Gorleben have drawn repeated protests since 1980.

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