Fresh clashes over garbage

Nov 3, 2010

NAPLES – PROTESTERS burnt a garbage truck and tried to block others from unloading at a newly reopened landfill near Naples on Wednesday as the region’s waste disposal crisis flared up again.

Italy’s top disaster expert Guido Bertolaso reopened the Cava Sari dump in Terzigno – temporarily closed in the wake of recent skirmishes between police and garbage protesters – after a meeting in the Naples prefecture on Tuesday.

Protesters attempted to block access to the dump but were pushed back and several were dragged away by police after setting a truck alight and lying under another to prevent it from driving off.

Twenty-three trucks carrying rubbish from 18 neighouring communities unloaded throughout the night.

Stand-offs in several small towns near Naples in recent weeks have led to garbage piling up in the streets of the southern Italian city.

The Campania region where Naples is located has been heavily criticised by the European Union for failing to resolve waste disposal issues. — AFP

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