Greek Police Arrest Two Men as Parcel Bomb Injures Courier Company Worker

Greek police detained two men after a parcel bomb exploded at a courier company in the Athens neighborhood of Pangrati, injuring an employee.

The men, aged 22 and 24, were carrying two suspected parcel bombs addressed to the Belgian embassy in Greece and French President Nicolas Sarkozy, according to an e-mailed police statement. The suspects, identified as Greek nationals, had two pistols and ammunition. One was also wearing a bullet-proof vest and was carrying a wig, according to the statement.

Police arrested the suspects after receiving a description of a man who delivered the explosive device to the courier company in Pangrati, according to the statement.

The parcel that exploded was addressed to the Mexican embassy. The injured woman received burns on her hands and was taken to hospital.

Another parcel bomb was also detected at a separate courier company in Pangrati, addressed to the Dutch embassy. The bombs found on the suspects and at the second courier company were neutralised by a controlled explosion, police said.

No claim of responsibility has been received for the attacks. The 22 year-old suspect is wanted for participation in the Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire urban guerrilla group, the police statement said.

On June 24, a security guard was killed by a parcel bomb at the country’s police ministry in Athens. The bomb was intended for the Minister of Citizen Protection.

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