Far-right English group demonstrates in Amsterdam


Around a dozen members of the far-right English Defence League demonstrated briefly in Amsterdam on Saturday.

Demonstrations of the EDL in Britain have attracted racists, neo-Nazis and football hooligans, as well as counter-demonstrations, often resulting in brawls. Saturday’s demonstration drew far more police and journalists than demonstrators.

An Ajax fan website had called on the club’s supporters to disrupt the demonstration, and police kept around 100 cordoned off at a nearby metro station to prevent a confrontation.

Police said they arrested 10 people at the tram station for vandalism or not having IDs.

Local media published photos of the small bus carrying EDL members leaving the demonstration with one of its windows broken.

The EDL said it came to support Dutch anti-Islam lawmaker Geert Wilders, but he rejects the group. Authorities had relegated the EDL demonstration to a remote industrial area in the city’s Western port over security concerns.

Separately, a group of about 500 people demonstrated against racism at a different location in the city center.

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