Students Suspended For Protesting Cuts

Woodhaven Students Walk Out In Support Of District Staff Who Have Lost Jobs

October 28
WOODHAVEN, Mich. — More than 100 Woodhaven High School students have been suspended after they organized a protest at the school.
Senior Nick Lamentola said he organized the protest Thursday after he heard the district is cutting 38 custodial and maintenance workers.

“The first three days after they got rid rid of the custodians, we didn’t have toilet paper in the bathrooms for three days,” he said. “That just shows that they’re not doing their job right.”

The students said they don’t mind being punished for what they consider a good cause.

“We’re getting suspended for three days, and honestly, I think that is the best thing,” said senior Mike Bryant. “Suspend us, whatever. We’ll just be back Monday and Tuesday or however long to get these security guards their jobs back.”

District security guard Dave Robere said he was informed Thursday that he was out of a job.

“I’ll try to find something here to stay with these guys. They (the students) mean a lot to us,” he said.

A fellow security guard, who asked only to be identified as Claudia, said it needs to be recognized that the people who hold jobs in the schools don’t just work there.

“People are losing their jobs. These are community members; these are parents,” she said. “We are homeowners, we are taxpayers, we are voters of this community and we’re losing our jobs.”

The Woodhaven-Brownstown School District had no comment.

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