Case vs ethnic hatred killer separated from extremist group case

MOSCOW, October 28 (Itar-Tass) – The Moscow City Court sentenced to life in prison student Vasily Krivets for 15 ethnic hatred murders.

The verdict is based on the ruling of the jury, who found the guilt of the defendant proved despite the fact that he pleaded not guilty.

The second defendant Dmitry Ufimtsev was sentenced to 22 years in prison. Krivets stated in the court that he pleads not guilty. Meanwhile, Ufimtsev confessed in five murders, instigating nationalistic hatred and the participation in an extremist group.

The trial was held behind closed doors and the judge read out only the title and resolutive part of the sentence.

The court found the evidence gathered by the Moscow SKP department sufficient to pass a guilty verdict to members of the extremist group National Socialistic Society Vasily Krivets and Dmitry Ufimtsev, spokesman for the Investigation Committee Vladimir Markin told Itar-Tass on Thursday. “Krivets was found guilty of 15 ethnic hatred murders, two armed attacks, robbery, the light damage to health and the escape from custody as a member of the organized extremist group. Ufimtsev was found guilty of five murders as a member of the organized extremist group,” Markin noted.

“The criminal case versus Krivets and Ufimtsev was separated from the criminal case instituted in May 2008 against the extremist group National Socialistic Society, which committed more than 30 murders and other grave and heinous crimes in Moscow and the Moscow Region. Some 37 criminal cases were combined with the foresaid case,” Markin noted.

“During the investigation into the criminal case versus Krivets and Ufimtsev the investigators have made more than 30 searches at the crime scenes, more than 10 checks of testimony at the crime scenes, interrogated more than 80 injured parties and witnesses and conducted more than 20 identification procedures and over 30 searches. Moreover, a large number of objects and documents, which are important for the criminal case, were examined. The criminal case consists of 69 volumes,” Vladimir Markin said.

During an investigation experiment Krivets, 19, escaped from custody pushing away the police convoy at the platform of the Planernaya metro station on October 20, 2008. Then three policemen from the convoy regiment were brought to justice for negligence. The escapee was detained just a year later in August 2009 at the Kursky railway station, when the 21-year-old Moscow fugitive was trying to escape to Ukraine.

In May 2009 at the request of the general prosecutor the Russian Supreme Court put the National Socialistic Society on the list of the organizations recognized extremist and banned it in Russia. According to the law enforcement agencies, the National Socialistic Society was not officially registered, but united groups in 20 Russian regions, including in Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as in other countries, namely England, Belarus, Canada and Estonia. The criminal network propagated the ideology similar to that of the National Socialism. Alongside, its ringleaders organized the combat training for members of the criminal community.

In April 2010 the Moscow District Military Court launched a trial versus 13 defendants accused of 27 murders, ethnic strife attacks, preparations for a terrorist act. Several defendants were members of the National Socialistic Society. In July the trial was interrupted due another complex psychiatric expertise for four defendants. Most defendants did not plead guilty or pleaded just partially guilty.

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