Building damaged in deportee protest

October 29
TWO dozen third-country nationals awaiting deportation in the Famagusta district caused damage to windows, security cameras and light switches as they protested against their lengthy detainment, police said yesterday.

The incident happened at 2.25 pm on Wednesday at the holding cells located at the former Famagusta district police headquarters.

The disturbance lasted for around 45 minutes and ended when immigration officers arrived on the scene and spoke to the 24 men separately.

A police spokesman could not immediately say how long the 24 have been in custody as it varied from person to person but at least one has been there for six months.

The reason for their lengthy detainment is that they do not have any personal documents and without them their countries of origin would not accept them back.

Many foreigners seeking to stay in Cyprus get rid of their documents to avoid deportation.

The spokesman said it takes time for each case to be investigated and new papers procured.

The 24 settled down after immigration service officers explained to the men the progress of their cases individually.

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