Land dispute turns tragic as man is killed

October 21

A row over land occupied by squatters in Ndithini, Yatta district, turned tragic when a man died and another was seriously injured.

Mr Boniface Musyoka Mwangangi, 42, was killed by a single bullet through the chest while Mr Musyimi Ndiku, 52, sustained serious gunshot wounds at Muthesya location.

The pair was resolving a land dispute with a neighbour when administration police officers attached to the area chief’s camp attacked them.

Speaking after being discharged from the Thika district hospital, Mr Ndiku said he survived miraculously by feigning death.

He said the officers left them for dead after the attack in the company of the neighbour. They allegedly returned in uniform with the area chief and officer commanding the Kithimani police station.

“The APs claimed they had shot gangsters and I was taken to hospital in handcuffs and later booked as a suspect,” he said.

Mr Ndiku, who is an official of the Ndithini Squatters Company, linked the attack to a dispute over a 100,000ha land occupied by 3,561 squatters.

The families of the victims appealed to the government to arrest the officers.

Meanwhile, more than 1,500 squatters got a rude shock in Malindi on Thursday when a demolition squad accompanied by 200 police officers descended on their dwellings and flattened them.

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