Bombs, munitions, weapons found in Ankara and Van

A man was detained in the capital city of Ankara on Thursday due to possible links to Kongra-Gel, the suspected legislative branch of the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) and believed to have links to the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

Munitions and weapons were found in his home at the same time bombs, weapons and munitions were also found in a vehicle in the eastern province of Van. Security forces in Ankara said the detainee was possibly sent to Ankara by the PKK in order to conduct operations. The police said the person might also be connected to the placing of a bomb near the Ankara Riot Police Bureau in August.

A search of his apartment revealed two rifles, a large amount of ammunition, four hand grenades, bomb-making materials and blueprints of some public facilities. Meanwhile, police in the eastern province of Van found a truck on Wednesday that was full of hand grenades, ammunition and weapons.

An armored police vehicle was patrolling the Süphan district and became the target of gunfire from a van in the middle of the night. The police and the attackers responded to each other with more gunfire. The assailants escaped and abandoned the vehicle, which was full of weapons and munitions. Van Security Chief Ayhan Falakalı went to the crime scene and ordered a security lockdown in the city in order to find the attackers.

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