Police clash with student protesters in Bogor

Police officers were involved on Wednesday in a brawl with students who staged protest at Ibnu Khaldun University campus in Bogor, West Java, in connection with the end of the first year of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s second term in office.

The brief incident happened when the police officers tried to disperse hundreds of protesting students, but faced resistance from the protesters. The situation was getting heated and physical clash was unavoidable.

The clash took place in front of the campus on Jl. Soleh Iskandar, Tanah Sereal district, Bogor, according to kompas.com.

The commotion occurred only in five minutes and students immediately got back into their campus.

Ridwan Arifin, head of Bogor Muslim Student Association, said that their protest was an expression of disappointment to the government’s poor work.

Ridwan said that the first year of Yudhoyono’s second term was a failure as his policy was not oriented to the people, like the Bank Century scandal and  rampant illegal logging practices.

“SBY’s policy has been intended only for a certain group and is marked only with intensive image building,” he said as quoted by kompas.com

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