New York to Begin Investigation of Football Player Shooting

The police killing of a Pace University football player is being investigated by prosecutors and New York State police, according to the USA Today.

The football player was identified as Danroy Henry of Easton, Massachusetts. The twenty-year old football star was shot by police early Sunday morning outside a bar in Thornwood, New York.

Police report that officers knocked on the window of Henry’s car when Henry suddenly accelerated his car, injuring two officers. After Henry tried to drive away, officers began firing and one officer ended up on the hood of his car.

“Not only are we experiencing this great loss, but we’re also beside ourselves because we just absolutely can’t understand how this could happen to our son,” Danroy Henry Sr., the father, said.

According to the, the Mt. Pleasant police chief said the shooting was “horrendous” but he did not comment further on the family’s accusations that the incident was caused due to race.

“You’re going to get the police reports,” Henry Sr. said. “So we’re going to need to do some work on our end to make sure that that’s all factual. … There are a lot of witnesses who say that that’s not the version, so we need to get to the bottom of it.”

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