Guard hacked as arsonists burn Unitrans HR’s home

October 20,2010

MANZINI – Police are investigating a case of arson after unknown people invaded the home of Unitrans Swaziland Human Resource Manager, Makhosazana Khoza, and tried to burn it down.

A brave security guard had to be rushed to hospital after he was attacked with bush knives. He fought off the arsonists, reportedly more than five in number.

It had been suspected earlier that a petrol bomb had been used by the arsonists, but police found no evidence to support this notion.

The fire, however, caused minimal damage. It partially burnt a freezer, and left the walls blackened.

The motive of the attack on Khoza’s homestead is not yet known.

The arsonists broke the house’s dining room window before pouring petrol inside and then setting the house on fire.

“It was at around 1am when this happened. I was asleep in the servant’s quarters when I heard the security guard shouting for help, saying there were people who wanted to kill him,” Hlobile Mahlalela, a house servant, said.

Khoza, her 18-year-old daughter and nine-year-old son, were inside the house.

Mahlalela said even though she heard the guard’s screams, she did not come out because she was afraid of what might happen to her, so she remained in her room. She said, “I only heard the noise”.

She said she eventually came out after Khoza told her to and by then the arsonists had already fled.

“The guard was cut in the head, both in his arms and on the legs. He had to be rushed to hospital,” Mahlalela said.

She added that, “The guard said there were five people who attacked him with bush knives while the others carried out the arson.”


The maid said the arsonists entered into the premises through the back, using a ladder they had found at a neighbour’s homestead.

She said the guard was found sitting under a tree near the front gate and the arsonists pounced on him.

“The thugs eventually ran away after the guard shouted for help,” Mahlalela said.

Police Public Relations Officer, Superintendent Wendy Hleta said they had received information that the arsonists were even running over the roof of Khoza’s house.

“What we have is that they broke a window and poured petrol before burning the house. We ruled out the issue of a petrol bomb having been used. This is arson,” said Hleta.

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