Mexico City SSP bombing claimed

16 10 2010 From Culmine (October 16, 2010): translation from this is our job
Through this document, the Fanya Kaplan Commando Unit of the Práxedis G. Guerrero Autonomous Cells for Immediate Revolution states that it carried out the following act of sabotage during the night of October 14 to 15, 2010: Using a homemade grenade, we attacked a bus belonging to the repressive riot police squad of the Mexico City Public Security Secretariat (SSP-DF). The truck was parked in front of the Attorney General’s office on Avenida Obrero Mundial in the suburb of Navarte, just a few meters from the SSP-DF’s eastern command center. The SSP-DF and Attorney General are directly responsible for the continued imprisonment of anarchist comrades in Mexico City.
This bombing of property belonging to those who protect capital and the state should be taken as a little hint that we are continuing the struggle, which grows more direct and unmediated with each attack. It also means we don’t fear them. We are mocking them to their faces and operating on their own turf. This time we detonated a charge capable of only limited material damage to the target. Next time, our direct target will be the police. Whether they are called judicial, federal, military, or judges, they are loyal oppressors in the service of the powerful, whose property they guard.
We know there are some police officers who do their job out of economic necessity, but we also know most of them clearly understand that their job is to constitute a repressive organ—the same one that unleashed the beatings and torture during the demonstrations on October 2, the same one responsible for the maulings in Guadalajara in 2004, the same one that murdered and raped in Atenco, the same one that steals and extorts on the streets every day. They abuse their precious little badges and ranks, but those things mean nothing to us. At the same time, they try to impose their power and authority, beating up anyone who feels like living, dressing, thinking, loving, or speaking unconventionally. That’s why we’re fed up, and this is our response.
These repressive organs are the same ones that beat and tortured Adrián and Abraham, the same ones that tortured Yiannis Dimitrakis in Greece in order to protect the capitalist world order, the same ones who keep our anti-authoritarian comrades imprisoned in Chile. We are at war against all of power’s abuses and degradations. We are at war for the destruction of capital and the state.
The Mexico City police, led by the brownnosing Mancera, has failed in its numerous attempts to stop the wave of sabotage carried out by different groups against symbols of capital. They will continue to fail because we will continue to be active. Our principal concern is that these actions show how Mexico City, even with its dirty and permissive “social democratic” system, hasn’t changed one bit. Repression and harassment continue, with capitalism and environmental destruction following in their footsteps, even when an attempt is made to greenwash them.
By the way, how ironic is it that, in the currently popular movie about drug trafficking, the corrupt police chief—who collaborates with the drug traffickers and extorts money from the poor—is also named Mancera? Life is full of coincidences.
Free the anarchist and political prisoners!!!
Free Braulio Duran!!!
Total solidarity with the Chilean compas imprisoned in the Bombings Case!!!
For the destruction of the capitalist social peace and social order!!!
Attack the military-police state every day!!!
At war with the state:
—Práxedis G. Guerrero Autonomous Cells for Immediate Revolution; Mexico City; October 15, 2010

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