Hunger Strike to Free the arbitrarily detained Sudanese

Dr. AbdelMeneem is a Sudanese community leader and refugee in Lebanon for the past 23 years. He went on hunger strike for 16 days in Sep/ Oct 2010 to demand an end to racist policies and arbitrary detention against Sudanese people and other marginalized communities in Lebanon. Throughout those days, he was visited by certain security forces that were harassing him to stop his hunger strike and leave the strike place”.

With this paragraph along with a website link (–2Yo) for a video demonstrating how the Lebanese security forces (ISF) were treating Dr. .AbedelMeneem Mousa Ibrahim, Farah ( ), a human rights activist decided to report about what was considered a major hunger strike for human rights campaign in Lebanon last week. Dr. AbdelMeneem hunger strike had two messages to deliver: 1. lobbying and pressuring General Security to free the arbitrarily detained Sudanese in the Lebanese prisons, 2. demanding the Sudanese embassy to re-elect the committee of the Sudanese cultural club by the people. His arguments (though his faint voice) were that the “Embassy should take care of its people and the proper treatment they receive in the Diaspora” and that the elected board of Sudanese cultural club “should be done by the people and that its members are not appointed by the regime (embassy)”.

Dr. AbdelMeneem addresses that human rights activists when they visit saying that his hunger strike is to honor “those who die in silence in prisons, for no reason but being refugees”. The Lebanese state however and with its own Minister of Interior, Ziad Baroud words is “a non refugee accepting state”. The words of the minister are the result of a peaceful sit in and demonstration that the Lebanese activists organized in front of his ministry Thursday 7th of October. The minister also addresses the demonstrators issuing them to give him “full names of members of the ISF who were mistreating any foreigner for proper punishments”. Baroud also emphasizes on the importance of having the migrants “settling their issues in front of court” before they are deported or set free. This statement however is contradicted with a comment of one of the protestors: “how are they supposed to finish their papers while being held in custody and no relative is allowed to do their papers”. No response for the last sentence, although the minister have taken into ease to go outside his ministry’s parameters and talk freely and in public to people holding posters such as: “From civil society, to arbitrary detention.. Ziad Baroud”.

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