“Hooligans forge Black International”

15 October 2010
ROME — As they investigated recent unrest in Genoa Italian police learned about connections between extremist groups from Serbia, Slovenia, Austria and Italy.

According to the Italian media, police are looking into connections between Serbian supporter group dubbed Ultra Boys with the Italian extreme right.

“The police investigation appears to be focused on revealing some sort of a “Black International” forged by Serbia, Slovenia, Austria and Italy which mixes neo-fascism and football supporting,” Italian daily La Repubblica reported.

It is no coincidence that there are several Austrians, a Croat, a Slovenian and a Serb living in Trento among the 37 indicted over the Genoa unrest, the daily pointed out and added that a group of Ultra Boys fans from Belgrade had been in Milan a weekend before the match in Genoa, where they had allegedly met with members of the Italian extreme right.

Police are also investigating connections between members of “an extreme right group” from the Italian town of Verona “and Serbian nationals and neo-Nazis”, Italian daily Il Giornale writes.

The police investigation is also focusing on the information that a group of Serbian supporters was in Verona and that several buses carrying them left for Genoa, and the fact that “Verona” was written on one of the Serbian flags.

A Genoa investigative judge will decide after the hearing whether to accept the deal with Ivan Bogdanov and seven remaining arrested Serbian supporters or to remand them in custody and launch court proceedings. In that case the suspects will be looking at four years in prison if found guilty.

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