Prisoners Threaten of Open Hunger Strike


RAMALLAH, October 14 (WAFA)- Minster of Prisoners Affairs Issa Qraqe’ said that he received several  letters from the prisoners that threatened to start an open hunger strike until the end of the solitary confinement against a number of isolated female and male prisoners whom stayed in isolation for 8 years.

In a press statement, the minister explained that the strike would be elitist includes 400 prisoners saying that this movement was a result of the escalation of repressive and arbitrary measures against the right of detainees by the prison administration, especially isolating prisoners on solitary confinement for a long time and imposing strict measures on them and penalties such as deprivation of visits, education, books’ and clothing entry.

Nevertheless, the number of the isolated prisoners has increased recently, reaching up to 18, and there is a decision of transferring the Damon prison for women into mass isolated prison, as 15 prisoners are captive in it.

According to Qraqe’ these solitary confinement cells are like graves, where the lack of the minimum humanitarian elements..

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