Windows smashed in county council cuts protest

WINDOWS have been smashed at County Hall in protest over the extensive cuts in public spending proposed by the authority.

Staff arrived at the headquarters of Notts County Council this morning to find the windows broken and graffiti spray-painted on the walls.

The message, painted in 18-inch high red letters on one of the walls, read: “**** austerity. Fight the cuts.”

Glass was smashed at the back entrance to County Hall, overlooking the River Trent, as well as in the nearby tuck shop area, at 2.20am today.

The attack on the building – estimated to cost £10,000 in repairs – comes in a week when the Conservative led council has announced savings plans of more than £100 million.

Councillors say they have to save to divert funds into services for children, older people and those with disabilities, and they expect funding from central government to decrease.

The cost of the large toughened glass windows and removing the paint is expected to cost around £10,000.

Council leader Kay Cutts condemned the vandalism as “absolutely disgraceful.”

“This mindless vandalism is not going to help our cause at all,” she said.

“It is going to take money from the public purse to repair a public building.

“There are good ways to get people’s views across which we are listening to – but this is not a good way.”

She added that she did not believe any staff were involved in the incident.

Council officials still don’t know how the damage to the windows was caused, but police are examining CCTV footage of the incident.

One staff member told the Post the damage was “terrible”, though others have this morning been taking photos of the scene.

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