Tibetan nun insane after torture by Chinese police

A Tibetan Buddhist nun of Puruna Nunnery in Lhoba Township of Kardze County in Sichuan Province has entirely lost her mental balance after she was tortured by Chinese security forces in 2008, said Dharamsala-based Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy Oct 12. It added that the nun, Sonam Choedon, 36, cries and throws up and needs constant care and control.

The centre said she was tortured repeatedly after being arrested in a group of around 200 nuns from her nunnery and Yangteng Nunnery on May 14, 2008 while staging a protest rally against Chinese rule. Police and the paramilitary People’s Armed Police Force arrested many of them. Sonam was no longer herself especially after being delivered a severe blow on her head with the butt of a gun.

The report said the Chinese delivered her to her family in an insane state on Sep 15, 2008.

Following the May 14 protest by the nuns, the Chinese arrested Phurbu Tsering Rinpoche, also known as Burumna, the head of the two nunneries. He was jailed for eight years and six months on Sep 22, 2009 on false charges of possessing arms and encroaching on government land.

Nuns of Puruna given jail sentences after the protest were reported to include Sonam Lhatso, 10 years; Bhumo, 9 years; Sokha and Yangchen Khando, 3 years each, and Tashi Lhamo, 2 years. Most of the other nuns were reported to have been released but forced to return home, expelled from their nunneries.

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