Sunbury vandals run riot

SUNBURY vandals wreaking havoc on houses under construction have left one builder with a $200,000 repair bill.

Cavalier Homes North Western principal Chris Dargan said at least 40 houses had been extensively damaged over the past 10 months.

The damage included smashed windows and solar panels ripped off roofs.

In one weekend (October 2-3) six houses were vandalised, according to Sunbury Police.

Three were Mr Dargan’s, where 20 windows were smashed, doors kicked in or thrown through windows, a laundry sink and cabinets damaged, and plaster walls kicked in.

“We don’t get any problems at Melton or Wyndham. Sunbury is just incredible,” he said.

“We have to cover it out of our own pockets.

“The cost is massive. We could be employing more people with that.”

He said with a first-year apprentice paid about $40,000, his losses in the past 10 months could have employed five apprentices and these vandals were costing even themselves employment opportunities.

“We had a house in Phillip Drive that the front windows had to be replaced six times.

“And we know others (builders) are getting hit too.”

Rocton Group director Tony Baullo said his homes under construction had been struck by vandals, with a portable toilet burnt at a site last week.

“We’ve had paint knocked off, paint spilt over floors and ladders stolen,” Mr Baullo said.

Although damages weren’t as extensive as at Cavalier Homes, Mr Baullo said every attack was costing him money.

Sunbury Sen-Sgt Barry Jenks said vandalism to houses under construction had increased significantly.

“It’s enough of a problem that it’s become a priority for us,” he said.

“We are concerned about the issue and will be in those areas more often.”

Sen-Sgt Jenks said many buildings were being vandalised, not just one specific contractor.

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