Protest against 10-hour power loadshedding

October 12, 2010


KARACHI – The 10-hour long power loadshedding again agitated the citizens and they took the law and order situation in their hands over KESC inefficiency here on Monday noon.
According to details, the people in different areas blocked main road, burnt tyres and pelted the passing vehicles with stones at Kornagi Awami Colony and Surhjnai Town where the residents and shopkeepers blamed Karachi Electric Supply Corporation for halting their commercial activities and ruining the private life through 10 hours unannounced loadshedding despite the three hours announced loadshedding.
According to the protestors at Surjani Town, many of the residential and commercial areas had been without electricity all day which at about 4:00 p.m. most of them decided to close their shops and take to the streets. Due to protest, violence also erupted as charged citizens started pelting police mobiles and other vehicles with stones and later set tyres on fire.
Following the incident, the police were forced to use tear gas and retaliate with stones, however they failed to curtail the violence, which continued throughout the noon.
As the protest crossed the four hours mark, a crippling traffic jam was seen in these affected areas.
On the other side, routine life has been disturbed as power goes out at early morning. Office workers and students turn out to be the worst victims. The residents and shopkeeper expressed that as the KESC had failed to follow its announced loadshedding scheduled, the government would constitute the neutral body to watch the KESC affairs.
Similarly, the shopkeepers of Gulbahar Sanitary Market and Shah Faisal Colony No 1 also staged demonstration against extortionists and continued incident of dacoity.
In another incident, at Shah Faisal Colony no 1, the market traders also set tyres on fire and chanted slogans against the police as unidentified armed men looted the valuables and gold from the jeweller’s shop and fled away after completion of their swift operation.
They said police have failed to secure the business community and lives of the common people. They demanded that Home Minister should be suspended.

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