Officers Cite Dozens in Troubled Neighborhood

Officers Cite Dozens in Troubled Neighborhood

October 11

EUGENE, Ore.–Eugene Police had another busy weekend, handing out dozens of citations.  Eugene Police say they’re trying to make sure another riot doesn’t erupt in the trouble-plagued neighborhood.

Officers say Friday was their busiest night, as they focused on alcohol and behavioral violations.  The goal of the patrols is to prevent something like the riot from happening in the neighborhood again.

“Honestly I think it’s a good idea they’re moving around and seeing what’s going on, especially after the riot happened and don’t want something like that going on again,” said Morgan Gray.

Police say mother nature helped out a bit on Friday, bringing in rain around midnight, which seemed to take a little of the edge off partiers.  College students who frequent the area are divided on their opinion about the patrols.

“I think the riot, they definitely had justification  but just to go around because of the riot and harass everybody, I think that’s a little excessive,” said Miranda Hatcher.

A breakdown of citations handed out this weekend:

Friday night:
— 29 people for MIP
–1 for furnishing alcohol to a minor
–5 for prohibited noise
–17 other miscellaneous citations

Saturday night:
–8 MIP
–1 resisting arrest
–6 open container violations
–12 more miscellaneous citations

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