Car set ablaze, tires slashed, windshields smashed in Burlington vandalism spree

October 11, 2010
Burlington Police are investigating a vandalism spree last night in Burlington that involved at least 25 vehicles located throughout the city.

According to police, the events occurred in four incidents, between the hours of midnight and 4 a.m., beginning on Pine Street, where three car windshields were smashed. The second incident reported was on Battery Street, where several vehicles inside a parking garage had tires slashed. On Harrison Ave., a vehicle was set on fire. The final incident occurred in a parking lot on Lakeside Ave., where multiple car windshields were smashed.

Detective James Trieb, of the Burlington Police Department, is in charge of the investigation. He confirmed the incidents are related and he has “a pretty good idea of who it is.” Trieb declined to release further information, for fear of compromising the investigation.

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