‘Obraz’ could not organize violence alone

Police found at Mladen Obradovic, arrested leader of ‘Obraz’ a list of individuals leading branches of this extremist organization in Belgrade and towns in Serbia. Their task was to lead riots which erupted on Sunday in protest against the ‘Pride parade’. As ‘Blic’ learns the list contains names of about thirty leading activists of ‘Obraz’.

‘Obradovic was the chief leader in the field. His task was to bring to the streets of Belgrade as many of his followers as possible from the whole Serbia. However, he is not at the top of a pyramid leading this and other extremist organizations. They are under control of certain individuals, organizations and institutions acting from shadow’, ‘Blic’ source from the Home Ministry says.

According to this source there are certain indications pointing to contacts between the arrested Obradovic and certain individuals from the political life but ‘there are no proofs that some political party is behind the violence that erupted in Belgrade on Sunday’.

‘However, it is obvious that without excellent logistic support it would be impossible to coordinate attacks by several thousands of people in various parts of the city. Hooligans were attacking in groups of about one hundred. Each group had a leader and it is obvious that there was permanent communication and synchronization between them’, our source says.

Obradovic was watched by the police several days before the ‘Pride parade’. He was arrested on Sunday morning several hours before beginning of the parade. Another 130 individuals have been kept in detention.

‘During violence and over the night 249 hooligans were arrested. Even 54 of them are underage. More than 60 percent of the arrested are not from Belgrade’, Milorad Veljovic, Director of Belgrade police said.

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