6 Akalis die in jail firing

October 10th
Bhatinda, Oct. 9: Six prisoners were killed and about 50 injured when police opened fire on Akali prisoners in the Bhatinda Jail today, following a serious riot by them according to unconfirmed reports.

No official information has so far been available. Ambulance cars were seen rushing between the jail and the hospital.

According to the reports the trouble started last evening when the jail authorities refused to concede certain demands reported to have been made by the prisoners. This morning the prisoners refused to take meals and go back to their barracks.

Instead, they took positions in the jail compound and drove out the jail staff.

Later they demolished the walls and threw bricks on the police trying to enter the jail premises.

Police then threw tear-gas shells from the roof and cleared the main gate of the defiant prisoners. The prisoners again threw brickbats at the police. Appeals and warning issued over loudspeakers proving futile. Police opened fire on the rioters.

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