Angry Protesters Damage Cup Stadium in South Yemen

Tens of the people in the Al-Buraika city in Yemen’s business capital Aden broke in the Al-Shaab Football Club Wednesday night and damaged the stadium, one of the sport fields where the matches of the 20th Gulf Cup will take place, informed sources said.

The people gathered at the club to protest the unresponsiveness of the authorities to their demands for releasing detainees held in connection with criminal charges, the sources said.

Muhammad Abdul Qadir, one of the club members, was quoted as saying tens of the people in the city including the family of a man, who was killed in a demonstration in June, staged an angry protest demanding the authorities to release their relatives.

The protest turned violent with the people damaging the club, mainly the stadium, which is under rehabilitation for the Gulf Tournament for later this year in Aden, he said.

The people broke the club’s doors, set fire to seats and damaged other properties, but the police interfered before the club could turn to debris, he said.

Eyewitnesses were quoted as saying police carried out arrests when breaking up the protest with tear gas and live ammunition.

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