Students protest over budget cuts

06 October

Thousands take to the streets in response to proposal to cut ‘SU’

[‘Youth take responsibility, will you Løkke?’ was the message from angry protestors (Photo: Scanpix)] Tens of thousands of disgruntled students took to the streets of Copenhagen and other Danish cities yesterday, protesting against a proposal to cut student stipends for high school students.

In his speech at the opening of parliament yesterday, prime minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen proposed that the ‘SU’ allowance paid out to high school students who still live at home with their parents, should be scrapped. Any savings would be invested in the education of younger students, in particular, the lengthening of their school day.

This announcement appeared to be the final straw for the students, who are already angered at what they see as heavy-handed education cuts, and an estimated 25,000 were protesting in Copenhagen alone.

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