Students Protest Against New Austerity Measures

06 October
Students have occupied dozens of schools across the nation and some are preparing to take part in another public sector strike on Thursday against the austerity package.  The students feel it threatens their student rights and demands.
According to sources in the students’ movement about 40 middle and secondary schools are being occupied in the region of Patras alone, as well as others in Thessaloniki, Athens and Crete, in protest of the economic crisis, education cuts and a lack of teachers, reported by the teachers’ association OLME. The students also reacted negatively to an announcement that seemed to reduce the maximum limit of absences permitted by law. But the Ministry of Education specified that the reduction is only comparative to 2009, a year in which there were special conditions due to the H1N1 virus.

Faced with the reaction by the teachers and in an apparent fear that the occupations could become widespread as they have in past years, the Education Ministry has promised that it will resolve the issue regarding the lack of teachers. But the left-wing of the students’ movement is denouncing: ”an unprecedented attack on students’, employees’ and workers’ rights” and called for occupations to intensify and for participation in the strike called by public sector union ADEDY.

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