Police presence shows wind company’s attitude

Stop it before it starts...

[ a letter to the editor extracted from a paper in the area]

Re “Wind power opponents fear project a done deal” (Oct. 1) –

People came to the Millbrook arena hall to hear about the wind farm being proposed for the Millbrook area by Energy Farming Ontario.

There were no signs of protest or angry demonstrators. But citizens were greeted by no less than five security guards, two uniformed OPP officers and two plainclothes officers. Energy Farming Ontario reps stated that one had to sign in with complete personal information and wear a name tag or one could not attend this advertised public meeting. EFO also filmed residents.

At a similar so-called public meeting in Manvers people had to be photographed before they could attend.

What kind of gesture of corporate goodwill do these tactics demonstrate?

This is the same company that says it wants to work closely with the community, inviting citizens to invest financially in their wind farm projects.

If this is how Energy Farming Ontario, a foreign owned company, treats rural Ontarians, just imagine how they will respect the landscape when they construct their four wind farms in this region.

RR 1, Campbellcroft

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