Rioters backside bars over injuries and arson during Wednesday’s strike

03 October

TWO rioters arrested during Wednesday’s strike have been remanded in custody in Barcelona.

A complete of nine people who caused public disturbances during the strike were arrested and underwent a preliminary court hearing, but seven have been let off with a caution.

In all, 43 people were arrested, but 36 of these were released with a warning and did not have to stand before a judge.

Those who remain backside bars are charged with offences relating to public disorder, crook damage, injuries, arson and attacks on police officers.

Since Wednesday’s strike, a 23-year-old girl and a 28-year-old man have been arrested after reportedly stealing two pairs of denims each from the Levi’s shop on Barcelona’s Passeig de Gràcia, taking virtue of the raid by strikers trying to force staff to down tools.

Many retailers opted to close down their premises in major cities in Spain as a precaution over rioters storming the building in an attempt to make them join the strike.

But in the provinces, numerous staff who would have liked to have joined in the strike chose not to do so, as they could not afford to lose a day’s pay.

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