Prague anti-drug centre requests police protection after attacks

4 October 2010

Prague, Oct 1 (CTK) – The anti-drug centre Sananim in the Prague-Smichov neighbourhood has asked for police protection after a recent series of violent attacks on it, director Martina Richterova Teminova told CTK Friday.

The police have complied with the request.

The Workers’ Party of Social Justice (DSSS), successor to the outlawed far-right Workers’ Party (DS), wants to stage vigilante patrols there.

Richterova Teminova said the number of the attacks had increased due the forthcoming local elections.

Many parties have chosen drug addiction as their election issue, she added.

“We definitely do not intend to become hostage in the election struggle. We resolutely protest against abuse of our expertise in the aid to the ill. Under the international classification of diseases, they certainly are ill,” Richterova Teminova said.

She said about 15 attacks had occurred in the past days, which the police called criminal acts.

These included smashed windows and doors, threat letters and throwing of excrements through a broken window, Richterova Teminova said.

She said due to fear for its staff safety, the centre had hired a security agency.

The Sananim centre was moved to Smichov this spring after it was forced to leave an area in Prague 7.

Richterova Teminova said Sananim had bought a new plot in the Na Skalce park with a contribution from the City Hall.

“Drug addicts (roughly 350 a day) have been moving around the area for a couple of years and they are certainly a burden for the locals. However, no one has solved the situation yet,” Richterova Teminova said.

Local residents disagree with the presence of the centre there. They have launched a petition against it.

DSSS patrols are to appear in the area and protest against the center.

Students wants to create a live chain and defend the centre against attacks.

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