16 injured during violent scuffle outside Arab school


Twelve high school students and four police officers were lightly injured in a scuffle that broke out at a school in the Arab village of Ein Mahal near Nazereth.

The incident occurred because of strong opposition to the appointment of the new principal at the school.

Tensions have been running high in the village since the beginning of September when classes were halted because of differences of opinion between the parents and those on the education committee about the new principal.

The new principal was set to arrive at the school on Monday to officially open the new school year.

Instead of a warm reception there, she was greeted with angry youths from the village hurling stones at her and had to be escorted by police to the school.

Four police officers were injured. Police responded to the violence by using dispersal techniques.

Twelve youths were lightly injured by tear gas and rubber bullets used by police and were taken to local hospitals.

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