2 Journalists Harassed, 30 TAYAD Members in Police Custody

01 October 2010
30 members of the Solidarity Association of Prisoners’ Families (TAYAD) were taken into police custody on 30 September. The TAYAD members had joined a march form Istanbul to Ankara on 18 September to set a sign for the lifting of isolation in prisons.

The journalists are charged with assault. The TAYAD Istanbul Branch told bianet, “Our colleagues are accused of resistance against the police. After a walk of 600 km, the police see the march as a form of resistance against them. We have no problems with the journalists. A commotion occurred because a person in a suit was considered to be a police officer”.

The TAYAD members came from the Gazi District (Ankara) on Wednesday (29 September) under security measures. They were attacked with stones by a group of people who were alleged ülkücü, i.e. nationalist youths associated with the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP).
Journalists were believed to be plainclothes police officers

The group went along the Celal Bayar Avenue under security measures to reach the Abdi İpekçi Park for a protest action. Cameraman M.V. of the İhlas News Agency was being assaulted when he recorded footage of the march. The police intervened when the attackers also assaulted İHA reporter B.C.

The Ankara police did not permit the group to continue their march after the incident. 30 people were taken into custody in the course of the harsh intervention by the police. Among the people apprehended are Fahrettin Keskin, Feridun Osmanoğaoğlu, Yıldız Turan, Nagehan Kurt, Hüseyin Kaçkır, Seval Yaprak, Orhan Eski, Bülent Solgun and Sefer, Fatma and Bayram whose surnames are not known yet.

The police intervened because the group did not disperse after the incident and continued to shout slogans. Some female activists were made to enter the police bus by pulling their hair.

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